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September 25, 2021

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My prescription for happiness is: First, find your unique talents and your passions. Next, learn from stories of how others in your field became successful. Then, work hard to perfect your talents while enjoying your journey. And last, teach your journey to help others find their way.”

-Dr. Margot Weinstein








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More about the Book

  Read Book Reviews of: "7 Step To Find Your Perfect Career"
   By Author Dr. Margot B. Weinstein, CIPS

     "Dr. Weinstein has written a must-read book for anyone who wants to begin a new career or become more successful in their current career regardless of challenges, obstacles or fears. You will be inspired by her insights and the interviews from people who have succeeded well beyond their dreams."
- Susan Jeffers, Ph.D., Author of Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway and Embracing Uncertainty

   "Margot Weinstein has written a wonderful career book that has caught the essence of Dr. Peter Linneman---one of the most unusual and successful icons in the American real estate business and academia. He is outstanding, authority, counselor, and consultant. He developed Wharton's real estate school, and he was the chairman of the Rockefeller Center Properties Trust."
- Marshall Bennett, President, Marshall Bennett Enterprises

   "Margot Weinstein brings to her writing an unmatched experience in the real estate industry. She has been on all sides of the industry as a teacher, writer, consultant and successful entrepreneur. She has studied the habits and history of some of the truly great people in our industry and has written about them in an easy to read way that enables the reader to learn from their accomplishments. This book should be read by all aspiring students and by those who just want to learn so they can do better."
- Gerald W. Fogelson, Co Chairman, Central Station Development Chairman, Fogelson Properties LLC

   "This book is billed as "a practical career guidebook with interviews from very successful people." And that it is. Weinstein, an educator and commercial property specialist, lets her interviewees carry the book, letting their personal stories shine. This is a fine little book of inspiration, especially suited to people in the real estate business."
- Richard Mize, Real Estate Editor, The Oklahoman Newspaper, OK.

    "Dr. Margot Weinstein has captured the excitement of the journey of one's career. Seeing how successful individuals make this journey is eye-opening and useful in setting out one's own career path."
- Marcia Slomowitz, MD, Private Practice in Child Psychiatry, Chicago faculty, Northwestern's Feinberg School of Medicine

   " Dr. Margot Weinstein has provided a great career guidance road map for executives by capturing the experience and wisdom of top executives via their success stories"
- Dr. William H. Young, Professor of Adult, Career and Higher Education, Coordinator for the Adult Education and Human Resource Development graduate degree programs, University of South Florida.

   "This book is a brilliant guidance in helping me establish a career niche and evaluate my career path."
- Elysia Tse, LaSalle Investment Management, A member of Jones Lang LaSalle Group, Master in Professional Studies in Real Estate, Cornell University

   "This is a wonderful guidebook for anyone wanting to begin a new career or become more successful in their current career. The book is loaded with success strategies of business leaders from overcoming their fears to finding the right niche and planning for success."
- Mary Ellen Shine, REALTOR® Rubloff, educator, CIPS, past Chicago President FIABCI (The International Real Estate Federation).

    "This is the type of book when you're finished with it you can't help but be energized to proceed with your own quest for success and greatness---a quality that each of the people the book profiled."
- Denville Pieters, 2004 Conference Committee, Lucent Technologies & President/CEO,Cyberramp Communications, IL.

   Margot, "Your book, "7 Steps To Find Your Perfect Career" was inspirational, fun to read, informative, made me think about how to do things differently in my own business and gave me so many ideas and inspirations. I really recommend your book to all the Brokers and Realtors around the country because it will help them be more successful and it Brokers should purchase the book for all of their agents to read to show them how success is achieved. You've made a HUGE difference to me in my life with your writing and all your interviews. Now I think of the stepping stairs when I try to tackle new projects. Thank you for everything you do "

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