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Leadership & Happiness:

My prescription for happiness is: First, find your unique talents and your passions. Next, learn from stories of how others in your field became successful. Then, work hard to perfect your talents while enjoying your journey. And last, teach your journey to help others find their way.”

-Dr. Margot Weinstein






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Available WORKSHOPS, CONFERENCES & SPEAKING EVENTS THAT WILL make a difference in your professional and personal life.
Dr. Margot has developed UNIQUE PROGRAMS through her own incredible success and from her interviews in the past tens years with CEO's of major Real Estate, Banking, and Human Resource Development Organizations Worldwide. She will inspire you to reach your peak success.
Sign up for her WORKSHOPS, SEMINARS, SPEAKING EVENTS or BOOK HER TO COME to learn how to achieve excellence in your business and professional life.


  • Real Estate Transactions and Finance:
    • Distressed Real Estate Opportunities and Challenges---Workouts, Foreclosures, REO, Short Sales, Bankruptcy, and Auctions
    • Fundamentals for Investing in Commercial Real Estate
    • Techniques for Investing in Residential Real Estate
    • Build Your Business Fast Boot Camp: Strategies For A New Economic Reality
    • Expert Evaluation and Property Management Techniques
    • Case Studies in Real Estate Auctions Including:
      • Cap Rates in the Auction Process: Residential Properties
      • Real Estate Auctions in High-End Residential Properties
      • Real Estate Auction Process in Commercial Properties
      • Chapter 11Bankrupcy Procedures in the Auction Process: Finance and Legal Implications
  • Business Writing and Publishing
  • Lessons in Leadership: 12 Strategies to succeed in a new business reality
  • Women's Leadership Strategies: The Female Difference
  • Communication Techniques for Success in International Business
  • Networking Strategies of the Pros: Face-To Face and Social Networking Techniques
  • Top Ten Marketing Mistakes Professionals Make and How to Avoid Them
  • Marketing Techniques to Grow Your Business in a New 2.0 Generation
  • Techniques to Land your "Ideal Position" Regardless of the Economy
  • Develop Your Professional Career Portfolio: A Critical Tool for the 21st Century Career
  • Exceeding Customer Demands: Customer Service in a New AGE
  • Training Your Employees: 16 Strategies to Teach and Inspire Employees
  • Learning Assessment Seminar: Techniques for Success in Educational Programs

A few of the leaders Dr. Margot has interviewed are: Sam Zell, Chairman, Equity Group Investments LLC & Equity Office Properties Trust; Eugene Golub, Chairman, Golub & Company; John Baird, Chairman, Baird & Warner; Steven L. Good, Chairman and CEO, Sheldon Good & Company; Nestor Weigand Jr., Chairman and CEO, J. P. Weigand & Sons, Wichita, Kansas and past FIABCI World President; Steven Podolsky, SIOR, Principal, Podolsky Northstar Realty Partners and President of FIABCI-USA; Rene Frank, Global Housing Foundation in connection with UN-Habitat Program, New York.

Read What Other Say about Dr. Margot's Programs: "Dr. Margot uses her vast practical experiences and theoretical knowledge in her corporate lectures, workshops, articles and books for individuals, organizations, corporations and institutes of higher education. Dr. Weinstein is truly one of Chicago's most inspiring thought leaders. She has inspired audiences as a luncheon speaker at Equity Office Properties Trust, as co-head and developer of the Build Your Own Business forum at DePaul University & Roosevelt University and a two time presenter at the Career Development Day at Roosevelt University and Benediction College. I look forward to continue learning from you and future collaboration for CCASTD," Phil Orlandi, 2005 President CCASTD (Chicagoland Chapter of the American Society for Training and Development).

"Dr. Margot provided a great deal of positive information at Lucent's conferences in 2004 & 2003 that I can use personally and pass on to friends and family." Denny Pieters, Lucent Technologies 2004

"Dr. Weinstein was recognized for her outstanding efforts and contributions in making the 2004 Professional Development Conference a success," Kade Holiday, Awards Chair, Lucent Technologies.

"Dr. Weinstein taught a course and was a speaker at our international conference in 2004. She is an energizing and engaging speaker. She shared some great strategies of how successful leaders build their business, and she will inspire you to do the same." Sharon Young, CEO, Oklahoma Metropolitan Association of REALTORS® & President MLS Gateway, OK.

Read her new book: 7 Steps to find your perfect Career. It contains a practical "7 step process" with information; activities and interviews with very successful people that will help you find your field and become very successful.

Interviews with:
1: Ruth Theobald, President, TheoPro Compliance & Consulting, Inc.: practitioner, educator/trainer, famous columnist, author, consultant.
2: David Leeds, Allstate success story, designer/trainer and returning adult BA student at fifty, School of New Learning, DePaul University, IL.
3: Jennifer Ames, Yale Graduate and Top Real Estate Sales Agent in US, Chicago, IL.
4: Shandra Findley, BA Graduate in business management, co-owner, Findley Apartments & recognized teacher/educator, Las Vegas, Nevada.
5. Nancy Suvarnamani, President/owner Century 21 S.G.R, CIPS and two MS degrees, president-elect, Chicago Association of REALTORS®, top business woman "Chicago Today", Chicago, IL.
6: Patricia Choi, President and Broker-in-charge, CHOI International, Honolulu, Hawaii; #1 Firm in Luxury real estate in Hawaii.
7: Steven Good, JD, (AARE) Chairman & CEO Sheldon Good & Company Auctions International LLC, #1 firm selling auctions in US, best selling author, Chicago, IL.
8: Interview with Sharon Young, CEO, Oklahoma City REALTORS® and MLS Gateway, Oklahoma City, OK; leader in technology & customer service.
9: Interview with Dr. Peter Linneman, Principal, Linneman Associates, Professor Wharton, practitioner, speaker, author and world renown consultant, Philadelphia, PA.

Read what others have said about the book:
"Dr. Margot Weinstein has captured the excitement of the journey of one's career. Seeing how successful individuals make this journey is eye-opening and useful in setting out one's own career path," Marcia Slomowitz, MD.

"Dr. Margot Weinstein has provided a great career guidance road map for executives by capturing the experience and wisdom of top executives via their success stories," Dr. William H. Young Professor of Adult, Career and Higher Education and Coordinator for the Adult Education and Human Resource Development graduate degree programs, University Of South Florida.
"This book is a brilliant guidance in helping me establish a career niche and evaluate my career path," Elysia Tse, LaSalle Investment Management, A Division of Jones LaSalle Lang Group; Master of Professional Studies in Real Estate, Cornell University.
"This is a wonderful guidebook for anyone wanting to begin a new career or become more successful in their current career. The book is loaded with success strategies of business leaders from overcoming their fears to finding the right niche and planning for success," Mary Ellen Shine, REALTOR®, educator, CIPS, and past Chicago President FIABCI (The Federation of International Real Estate Professionals).
Regardless of what field you want to become successful in, Dr. Margot will show you how. Bring Dr. Margot B. Weinstein to your next convention or meeting and transform your group and learn strategies for unbelievable success. To sign up for her Workshops & Seminars or order books contact:

Dr. Margot Weinstein, CEO, CIPS, TRC, ACS, ALB (Broker, Consultant, Educator, Speaker)
MW Leadership Consultants LLC
Broker, Metropolitan Real Estate Group Inc.

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